Reviews for "BERSERK-a plot story"


words cannot describe how much of a waste this is. So here's what I'm going to do instead.


No one reads Berserk for the humor................

This flash is exactly why I don't watch anime that's comedic. Also, Shmuckling AKA the idiot who reviewed before me. There's no way you could have seen BERSERK edited in North America. The DVDs and manga are only for sale un-edited. Anyway please don't ruin Miura's creation any more than you already have.

How dare you!

How dare you make such a rediculous flash about such a touching and gripping anime! You suck! BLAM THIS SHIT!


I love Berserk, but find Miura's sense of humor far more advanced than yours. Please say *spoiler warning* next time as well. Nice animation though - that part was good.

made me laugh

I love berserk so I got all the inside jokes, but anyone who hasn't read the manga is gonna have no idea what's going on (but who cares about them anyway). Keep up the funniness