Reviews for "BERSERK-a plot story"

what? no rape/incest jokes!?

coz thats really what i find so funny about berserk manga..the nonstop debauchary..KUDOS to getting damn near every character in the film in some way..Viva!

FInally!!! someone killed he-man!!!

that was soo randopm n funny lool teh mario rap is juz original man. keep it up!!!


hell yeah...this shit is real as a mother******...i love the janitor! gurkensalat ist auch lecker! funny as hell ;-)
we want more klaus!

If you love Berserk, youl love this.

Yea, this was pretty funny, all the characters were great, good stuff.


god damn thats funny! that mat damon part made me laugh so loud i woke me mum! ahahaha good job make some more!

-Justin :)