Reviews for "BERSERK-a plot story"

good one

very nice animation you got here. i'm not sure what it's exactly this flash was based on, but what i do know is, is that this animation was very funny, very well drawn, good action, great effort, and overall, awesome to watch. this was a greta animation. i also that is was your 1st one too. i really hope to see more flashwork from you.
good work on this one and glad to see it win an award too.

Oh My Freaking Goodness

Holy mackeral, that had to have been the funniest flash I've seen in months, I loved every bit of it!. I've seen the anime and currently follow the manga. I have to say tears were gushing out of my eyes during the entire thing. I laughed too hard probably, made my stomach hurt, BAD. But it was worth it! I'd nearly die from laughter at the beginning of each scene, then it'd become hysterical laughter. Then along came a new scene and I'd be on the brink of a laughter coma again. You, my good sir, have made my day.


I haven't read the manga, or seen the anime, so I can be objective. This was very inconsistent in the humor, 0 for the American Idol spoof, 8 for the He-Man segment, then 0 again until Captain Planet showed up that was a 4.
The animation was far better than the script.


U put berserk to shame dude altho i did enjoy the ending Death To 80"s He Man!!!!


The thing is that I can tell that you have good ideas here, as far as the comedy goes. It's just poor delivery or something that throws all the jokes off-balance.

It could have been funnier if just the voices were a little bit better.