Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.5"

Why Tails??? :(

Everything was going and sounding ok until Tails got defeated so mercilessly........ I FELT LIKE CRYING!!!! TAILS ROCKS!!! There should have been more of a rivalry between Sonic and Knuckles. Tails is so underrated! At least it looked good before then. (thats why humor is low.)

not good

Alright you're getting better at animating sort of, but less funny (If thats even possible). In the next movie, make the frame rate twice as high, and speed up the fighting. Also put a black border line around the speech bubbles. And please somehow try to make it more funny. Keep on truckin.

not good.

sorry, but i don't like it.

Not good.

Yeah, it just wasn't captivating in any way. The mix between Star Wars and the Matrix made it lack in originality even further than it had already. Also, it was slow... And the fact that it was boring, made it even worse. Sorry.


That sucked

im sorry but that was like the worse most slow movie ive ever seen