Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.5"


that was pretty retarded...


well after some changes with the house and me going back to school I finally return to ng and well anyway this episode is not very good and much like the previous episodes in the series could use a ton of improvement but i'm gonna be easy on you for now so it gets a 2.


Sonic in the city is a Funny series and I don't have much respect for tails. Sonic is my favorite charater in video game history. Keep up the good work.

I somehow think that you hate Tails.

If its yes then you're messed up. I really hate movies when either Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or whoever dies in a dumb way and then the other guys laugh at him. Why can't you respect Tails? I always get pissed when that happens. That's why you probally got a crappy score. I've seen a lot of movies like this. To me this means that you're a big jerk. If you don't like Tails, then don't put him on the movie. Simple! You know how many authors I seen do this to Tails? I've seen like 20 authors. Scoot 007, Peda, STTWebs, and many more. I got real shocked that STTWebs hates Tails. He was one of my favorite authors and he had to be a jerk. Please learn from your mistakes. Please don't kill Tails again. PLEASE!!! I'm serious. Next time if I see another movie that Tails, Sonic, or whoever dies in a dumb way, then I'm going to think you're a jerk. Next time, don't screw up.

Sweet zombie Jesus on a pogo stick...

Man this series has been going downhill ever since the trailer was made, and that's saying something. Listen to me. Rule of thumb on Newgrounds: If it only took 1 day to make, don't submit it. Chances are it's crap. Which this most definately was. I've said it once and I'll say it again, you are trying too hard to get everyone to love your series, and it's just making all of it look like crap. In the first one you had this crappy, mushy love story for all the lonely teenage girls. Then, you had some lame semi-sprite-porn crap for all the lonely 40 year old guys on NG. Then you tried to get all of the skaters and posers to love you with a really bad attempt to make it look like they were skating. Then, you added 4th graders to the list when you made that one episode that was one big bathroom joke. Now, you've gotten to the point of looking for geeks and nerds with a Star Wars/Matrix parody/ripoff. Listen, either make a solid plot or stop calling it a goddamn series.

whew...that felt good.