Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.5"

poor tails

every one picks on tails the poor fox it might be realy funny but its not fair sonic , knuckles doesn't die nether does amy and she is realy annoying i wish she would die so y doesn't she. tails is my favot character but when he dies it is still funny but its just not fair on poor tails he may have 2 tails but that doesn't mean u have to kill him i think u should still kill him but not has much as u do pick on someone like amy or shadow or knuckles or rouge or eegman (robotnick) orevensonic.

shut up about tails

why does evryone say that u shud stop pickin on tails he derserves to die partly because he is greedy and has to hav 2 tails instead of 1 but mainly he apperd in sonic 2 and just followed sonic without sayin anything he didnt even asked sonic that he cud follow him so i say burn off one of tails tail so he only has 1 left and kick him in the head until he gets ammneisie and oh ye great movie


tails is friggin stupid and i hate him thatso ne of the most motives i liked this one i really like you serie cause you do fun of tails all the time and because its funny and cool and make tails get fucked up more times

pk it was funnuy but...

really what is ur porblem whit tails think about it hes not sutbid and there are pepole who are fans of tails like me sure u can make fun of a bit of him but this is going too far man sorry ur gone too far on this one on this...


Not bad.But not good eather.Why?Because is the same Tails Torcher Shit again !!!