Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.5"

OK, it was good, but stop picking on Tails!

This has to be your best one! INthe next season, don't pick on tails so much, sure pick on him, but make him cool some times too plOx :P I hope that the next season is good. It beter have a cooler Tails.


what is it with you and hurting tails? complete overkill. tails isn't an idiot. and sonic and tails are best freinds. you REALLY need a new hobby. :x

You are sooooo bad at this!

I'm not trying to insult you but this is crap,sorry.To improve you should stop mixing
bits,stop making fun of Tails!!!!,and you really have a bad habbit of using real life
pics instead of sprits.The first ones were funny I'll give you that.OR maybe you could
stop flash and make sprite comics.Your most likly thing how the hell do I make sprite comics
well its easy.Infact you dont even need an highly priced program to do it.


It did turn rather crappy. But, I can't say I can do better in one day, or really at all, so meh. Just a note, I stopped watching it pretty fast...


That was a weird cartoon. It made no sense. Maybe if I watched the others it would make sense, but I doubt it. Oh well, it looks like effort was involved, so good job.