Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.5"

"They went out to eat"

Man tails you are a MORON! The way they kicked his ass! funny.

Pretty good, considering you made it in one day.

Graphics: 4/10
The sprites were not well animated but I liked the character cameos like Chaos, the final boss from Sonic Adventure. Also I liked the way you used the dojo from The Matrix. The fight scene was well choreographed with everyone jumping around slicing each other up.

Style: 7/10
Again the cameos were awesome; as were the Star Wars and The Matrix references. They way they fought with lightsabers, the bullet-time effects and the dojo was all reminiscent of those two movies. And the way they made fun of Tails was good, though overdone.

Sound: 4/10
The Matrix music was cool, but if you have a mic, you should add voice actors. Only rarely do people want to read during a movie.

Violence: 6/10
Sure it was kinda violent, but they were armed with lightsabers. Why no flying limbs?

Interactivity: 0/10
The 0/10 means I didn't rate it.

Humour: 5/10
It was humourous how Tails got the crap beat out of him, and although he survived the ordeal, he was killed anyway. Lol

Overall: 5/10
Not bad for a movie that was made in 24 hours, but not far from awesome. It would be a good idea to kill off more people from Sonic.

To bigtailsfan1995:
You fangirls really need to learn to laugh. Just because he killed your god... I mean favourite game character doesn't automatically mean he hates it. If I only made fun of things I hated, you'd only hear about Megaman.

Although I do agree with you that people need to kill more annoying characters, like Shadow and Big and Chris (Sonic X). But go with Big or Chris; last time I made fun of Shadow in a review, some asshole named MartyTheDog wrote a review telling me to burn in hell. When I get a 13 year old telling me to die because I made fun of a video game character on the Internet, I seriously doubt today's youth.


how come you dont like tails he`s cute


awesome man! where do these people come up with sprites?! u used some music from "need 4 speed underground 2" trust me, if u play it, you'll hear it

((( FUNNY )))

It was funny, i will give you that, but the graphics need work, even in some of the backround and more effects for sure, i did get a few laughs out of it but it needs abit more...

More detail and depth especialy with the characters...

A funny sonic flash, needs abit of detailing...