Reviews for "As If The Night Is Gone"


man ur messed up


The story in this song

So far i have been listioning to some sad songs and this one seems to of touched me most.Here is the story.
You wake up to Screaming.its your wife.Then you hear a loud gunshot. you pull out a .357 Magnum.You had this gun hidden in your drawer for awhile you slowly walk downstairs.
Theres a man dressed all in black standing over your wife.shes losing life quickly.You Fire,The man falls.You remove the mask to discover the person is Your most trusted friend. you then walk over to your wife.Shes bleeding baddly.You hold her in your arms.
after 5 minutes she dies. you burst into tears.Then your dog walks over.He was hiding behind the couch.you hug your dog and get the phone and dail 911.The cops come a few minutes later.
They then get an ambulence over to my house.you watch as the paramedics put your wife's dead body into the truck.You go inside after a while.you had still 1 question in your head.Why would a Friend do this drugs,money,Beer? you shall never know.
Thats my story with this song.


The first time I listened to this song I was blown away.... and yet, everytime i listen to it, it gets better and better. Its so nice to listen to and is just peacefull. Great Job!!!


i like it alot!

i love it

I love it and it really is relaxing. I'm not sure if you did this on purpose or not but at about 0:05 the strings kinda mess up there. Love the song 10/10 5/5!!