Reviews for "As If The Night Is Gone"


Always original, that's what makes this music so tight. There is almost no sign of electronics. Amazingly composed, you never cease to amaze me dude.

I would definitely love to work with you.

A Very Nice Smoothing Piece

It is a piece thst is calming, soft and inspiring. When i listen to this piece a picture a small lake with the sky being light up and just nature at its finest.

i enjoyed youre music, please come back!

im suprised you submitted, i thoght you said you were leaving. anyway, please come back, i enjoyed youre submissions. please come back.


VERY heart warming!! almost made me cry!!

As usual, excellent.

I really do applaud your ability to put depth into each song you make. Awe-inspiring and breath-taking are some of the few words I have for this song, along with all others. I especially like the guitar in this one. Thanks for sharing your songs to Newgrounds, MMD. =)

MilkMan-Dan responds:

In short... thankyou for leaving many reviews. :) I read them all u know.