Reviews for "As If The Night Is Gone"

Man, I love this song

I took the liberty of using quite a number of your songs in my newest RPG. I hope you don't mind, I'll credit you in the credits ^^ . If you have any objection, please tell me, and I'll find myself some alternate music.

Now over to this song ! It must be one of the must beautiful songs you have ever written. I have acctually fallen in love it ^^

MilkMan-Dan responds:

this is the lil song... very few people listen and appriciate... thanks for doing so. My music is all yours to put in anything u'd like... assuming u use Credits. :). I'd like to see this RPG.

Lovely Melody

Thank you for this. I was humming it all day at work. I've been listening to all your compositions. Outstanding work. And the fact you play it all by ear is astounding! I wish I had just 1/100 of your talent. Another Once Ago, <this piece>, Ode to Angels, Secret Sounds of Loveliness, Love is Lie; all have been on loop for the whole night. Pure heaven!

If I was going to critique anything is that your more intense / layered passages are mired in distortion. Taking away from the impact of the piece. You sir are talent waiting to be discovered. Work with somebody who can do the mixing aspects of recording and you could easily sell your stuff. I'll be the first in line. Seriously.

Know the artists George Winston, Enya, Vangelis? Your music is just as enjoyable as theirs. Very much looking foward to more. Thanks for reading.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

I can't thank you enough. I'll retain a certain degree of humble character and tell you that it's extremely flattering to hear these things. I'm not sure the world really wants to hear the works of a 18 year old who plays by ear... expecially those who are trained in the art of reading and writing work. Probubly annoy em a lil :P. This is merely the result of passion for the piano... something I've had since as long as I remember. I don't cry... I play.

more tears shed over beauty

its strange how true beauty really brings out the truth inside people, this type of music could really solve alot of problems for people, i think you might have just discovered a cure to heartache, your on my Mp3 player mate, i hope i dont cry in biology.... ^.^

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Bazzatron... don't you dare cry in biology. Biology is a serious class that should be taken with a supository of seriousness!...

Thanks man :)

Really Good!

Great! Very Emotional, Just Like Secret Sounds Of Loveliness.

Good Audio,


Nice one man!

The keyboard gave it a real authentic pro feeling like it was being spun. The timing is not PERFECTLY organized like computer generated beats giving it that unique feel that really helps it out and gives it major impressive points! It's pretty trance feeling so yea, its trance. It's a good beat man. I'm really impressed with this.

What some people will say is "timing issues" is what makes this more impressive from the rest. I'm thinking of getting a cheap mixing table to mess around with more hardcore stuff myself... The computer stuff is a lil weird to me and I'm disliking it the more I get into the harder stuff. This is good. I might even have to get me a electronic piano lol. I love piano stuff and seeing as how u can make a kool trance beat on it as well it opens a lot of oportunities.

I'll tell ya more of what I think on MSN cause I'm getting ready to go to my gf's in hamilton. Found out a few hours ago I'm jumping on a plane to go see her lol. Wish me luck!

You should try another trance ;) This is really good! Kepp up the great work!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

lol As a note... he meant to put this review under "A Painful Melody"... his bad. Thanks bud.