Reviews for "As If The Night Is Gone"


It's a bit too slow for my taste but I can see why other people would enjoy it so 9/10, 5/5.


Its really moving relaxing and it gets you thinking alot i mean this is one hell of a good peace of music. Nice Post. :p :)


I'm not sure why I'm listening to so many relaxing classical and miscellaneous pieces lately. But, I'm glad I am. This song is just far beyond good. And saying that it's just good would be an insult. It's fantastic and the tune is nice and up-hearted. Really got me thinking about the person I love. Thank you for submitting this.

Smooth, laid back, gentle, but choppy

This is nice, I'm but sure you know that there are flaws :) Not to be picky, but was there a slight hiccup at the start 00:05? There were 2 notes that didn't exactly harmonised well. At 01:04, the flutes and guitar sounded grumpy. Perhaps it's slightly forceful? There are other instances where it wasn't very cleanly packaged together.

I don't know how to explain it, but if pointing it out is going to up this song's next revision as well as its score, then I will point it out, even if my comment brings forth negative feelings. :)

I enjoyed this piece thoroughly, you have no idea. I was reading an article about Japanese Atomic bomb survivors, and this really added to the mood, but hope for a upgraded version of this.

Gambare! God bless! :D

you. are. amazing.

holy wow . you are simply really so amazing. omg. i havent cried in months, and i'm not lying. and i listenned to this song once, and ... and i just suddenly just started tearing up and my eyes got all watery and stuff. i... i mean... you ... wow i ... i cant find the words to explain how spectacular and amazing you are. thank you s omcuh. you are....God has given you a really really special gift, and you are pushing it way past its limits, and you are playing into all of our hearts, and you are making your family and God proud, wherever they are. wow thank you man. you are so effing amazing. wow. i play piano as well, and i want to be just like you. thank you so much for writing and playing this beautiful and amazing song. thank you so much. you've really showed me how.... how music... how much music can effect everyone :). than kyou s omuch dan keep playing, and don't ever stop. keep playing and playing and .... playing :)