Reviews for "As If The Night Is Gone"


More like "As if the World is Gone" this song took my breath away, made me forget all my problems, and just reminisce about all I have to be fortunate for. Almost instantly made me cry and I just sat and listened to it over and over. As I'm writing this its on about its 6th loop.

Never stop. Ever. Your gift of being able to affect people this strongly with nothing more than a keyboard really speaks as to how powerful it is and how well you have mastered it. To stop creating beauty like this is tantamount, to me at least, to murder. A very beautiful thing would die.

that's good

Really good music for relaxing and forgive of all the problems.

I like Heavy metal but this is song let a unique feeling



you are excellent at this. my heart aches. i can't describe my feelings to you except in the tears i am shedding right now. never lose hope you will be a artist i now you will.


I got this feeling that all of my madness has end every time I listen to this song


No less than amazing. SOLID 10.