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Reviews for "Xionic Revolution"


First of all, I love Bubble Bobble
Second of all, Link sux in ssbm
Third, that Against Fate thing looks awesome. I don't know why, but something about your style pops out at me, you've officially won the rank as my favorite author.

Xionico responds:

yup bubble bobble rules XD
if i could, i would challenge u with link in SSBM >.>
and third, thanks for ur coments xD


at the current time I am reviewing this, it has the highest overall review score in the portal.

Xionico responds:

o.o i sure hope it stays that way
XD thanks

Bubble Trouble was excellent

The rest was just okay, but I'm really rating bubble trouble here. It was hilarious and inspired, seriously. Everyone should watch it.

Xionico responds:

XDD thanks, i think im good at the random homurs, maby <.<

Wow this is the Shit.

This was very well done.

Graphics: I am very pleased with the Art-Style. I am indeed a personal fan of Anime Chibi art-style, and you executed your talent very well. *I love the way you drew their hair and eyes ^.^*

Style: This is one of the original flashs that I've seen in quite awhile. My favorite of all of them is the "Bob/bub" skit.

Sound: I would have been happy if there was voice-over in your last mini-flash but overall... sound quality was top-notch. Also, even though some people would not appreaciate it... it was unique to hear the green/blue guys speak their own language.

Violence: There was just that fight scene with Link and MArio and the third guy...

Humor: If you have a sense of humor then you would find a thing or two to laugh at. From the funny expressions to the script, you're bound to find something funny.

Overall: This is a flash that people must look at. Although the title is a bit lacking, do not be fooled by the quality of this work.

Suggestions: Since this took you roughly three weeks... perhaps you might be interested in doing a series or create stories... you defienetely have the skills to pull through... I hope I see more of your work.

Xionico responds:

XD thanks a lot for your comments, i decided to put these three projects together cuz they were like abandoned projects, and it seems tey did do well.
and dont worry, ill soon submit a flash with a so-so decent story xD

That, was totaly WICKED!!

MAN thas awsome, you gotta continue doing those, 10 is an understatement, continue, and finish off Against Fate thingy ^_^

Xionico responds:

XDDD thanks a lot!
and yeh i will