Reviews for "Xionic Revolution"


at the current time I am reviewing this, it has the highest overall review score in the portal.

Xionico responds:

o.o i sure hope it stays that way
XD thanks

Bubble Trouble was excellent

The rest was just okay, but I'm really rating bubble trouble here. It was hilarious and inspired, seriously. Everyone should watch it.

Xionico responds:

XDD thanks, i think im good at the random homurs, maby <.<

That, was totaly WICKED!!

MAN thas awsome, you gotta continue doing those, 10 is an understatement, continue, and finish off Against Fate thingy ^_^

Xionico responds:

XDDD thanks a lot!
and yeh i will


The Bubble Bobble one was hilarious! I liked the whole thing, but that was my favorite.

Goodness your work has greatly improved over all these years.
For the Xionic Trailer in this, what was it's ending\fight music? the credits and the end of that flash skit didn't say so I think. or it flashed too quickly for me if there was a music credit?