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Reviews for "Xionic Revolution"

was that supposed to be funny

where was it funny? it wasn't funny... are you a child of 4?

Xionico responds:

i smell alt perphaps? bah nevertheless.
did u even bother to watch the other two flashes? cuz one of these isnt a funny one.
but i will suppsoe ure a 13/14 yrs old kid who just wants random violence, jsut go watch a madness thank you


The only thing in this flash i thought looked good was the fire thats it

Xionico responds:

well, the only thing i can say is that i made that fire weee.
and i checked ur collab, and i was looking at the names so ill suppose that u are omnilurk (that or u just slipped inside of the collab in a misterious way)
and no offense, but if thats ur part, ure not in a very good position that my flash was horrible.
but everyone has his/her own opinions i guess


deficient animation, poor art styles, intellectually insulting dialogue, and an unbearably stupid scheme. This deserves to be pitted in a chamber where all of these vomit inducing, pseudo-anime excuses for a flash should rest. The blam bin. Begone brainless adolescent!

Xionico responds:

mwahahaha but i made you watch it =D

err someone mess up

i saw all three and i didnt really like it in my opinion. in fact, i thought it was totally crap. i see that you were trying to be sort of funny in the first one but it was really lame. i guess it would be funny to a 4 year old...and the dumb comments you put in sort of really degraded the entire animation. why would you spend a couple hours making this serious flash and ruin with comments? the lack of arms seem to be laziness of the author. for the teaser i hate the japanese names and sort of japanese style animation for the characters. its REALLY trite now. cant you be more original? i think that the against fate animation is beyond salvaging and you should just give up on that. when i read your responses to reviewers, you dont seem to take criticism very well. you make yourself seem like a bitch (im not saying you are). this is just my own frank opinion and i dont really care about anyone else. maybe you should take a different approaches when you make your animation. you have talent and im sure yuo can make great flash if you fix up everything a little and be more creative.

Xionico responds:

ouch, well lets see.
the fun stuff, sorry, not everyone is good at making non-child humour, i suppose by non-child humour u mean dark,sex etc. related humour, i can do that very well in spanish, but the translation to enlgish kills the entire joke.
im not sure what u meant by these comments in the serious flash, the only flash that was supposed to be serious was the teaser one, the others one were meant to at least bring a smile in your face.
aaaand, yeah i like all that jap. stuff, so i guess my flashes are heavily influenced by them, sorry, i dont think that can be changed anytime soon.
and nope, im still not used to some of the harsh users on newgorunds with their criticism, but i guess i will have to get used to it.
and, unless if i offered myself as a sex toy (and as far as i rmemeber i never did...right?), i dont see how i can seem like a bitch, unless if u mean bitch about cussing at the blammers, well, as is aid in the past sentence, i still hav to get used to these reviewers.
waht else, ah ya, sorry, i already got used to the limbless chars, so i think ill hav that style until...dunno when.
well thats all, phew, long ass answer.
ha a nice day