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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Redux"

Never played the original...

...but I knew what was going on. It would have been cool to see Astos, but, whatever. The thing about the lute was funny.

yay! It's finally out! ^^

Really funny stuff! ^^
Oooh, shiney... *lol*

Interactivity was 5 because i tried hitting the "credits" button, and it didn't work... (;_;

But great job overall! ^^

I'm quite impressed

Like mentioned noones really had an original concept for these guys since 8 bit but you really reinvented this, bm sounds neat too.

loved matoya and the lute scene, keep up the good work

oooooooo, shiny

An original FF1 movie?

Blasphemy I say! Never before has there been a parody of the first Final Fantasy that dared not to steal its story from Brian Clevingers 8-Bit Theater!

(funny talk ends now)

I'm glad this one didn't. It's been a very, very long time since anyone had the guts to come up with their own FF1 parody instead of just ripping of Nuklearpower dot com (I can't use html). Pretty good, all in all. Bonus Points for originality.

like 8 bit theater

i love ff 1based flash movies and comicas there so funny