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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Redux"

It's All Right.

For The Two Below:
Titke Screen Music- Intro Of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles(Orginal Music) (Only For Gamecube)
Ending- Final Fantasy 1 Title/Intro (Remixed)


That was a good ff1 spoof. Can you tell nme where the music was from (since I have a whole ff music library). Keep up the good work!

funny, and sounded good!

This was funny, witty, and stuck to some parts of the storyline! I case you didn't know, they made a remake of the firts and second FF for GBA, so if you want to make a second one or a remake in the distant future, you could use those instead.
Oh, and about the music... can you tell me where you got them from? It didn't say in the credits, and I really liked the music! :)

One question... then a statement

When the heck did fighter pronounce words correctly, get smart and when he opened his mouth why wasn't the first words "I like swords!"? Anyway great job!

MajinPiccolo responds:

Since this movie isn't 8-Bit Theatre lol, or a knock off of it.


That was pretty good. Extra points for that "OMFG TEH PWNZORZ!" line.