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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Redux"

>:( < Quite boring, and just not funny.

Let me quote your comment to explain:
"Ever played Final Fantasy for the NES?"
--Yes. A lot.

"...Enjoy! It's a funny movie..."
--I tried. I couldn't watch the whole thing because it was that boring.

"...it'll be even funnier to those who've played FF1 for the NES..."
--Yeah... but it wasn't funny at all. It's like multiplying how much you like FF by zero.

"If you don't like sprites, steer clear of this movie."
--I don't hate sprites, otherwise I wouldn't have watched it. But after the opening I remembered you made the "Realm of the Video Game" series. I remembered how boring that was. So that didn't help.


lol dude that was funny and...funny at the same time...lol your a good flash maker 2 thumbs up!!! ^^

this is mad funny

this is funny shit right here


Great job majin!
Too bad you had to shorten it.


That was cool, I mean I've played FF1, and thats basically how it use to work, funny stuff, make a second:)