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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Redux"


Sprites, meh.

I liked how the mouth movements were smooth. It's pretty funny. Making fun of the first game and the oddly easy tasks.

One thing you may consider is to add subtitles.

Overall, it's ok.

It was ok

I dunno I didn't really like it myself. It just seemed like jokes you'd find in a Nuklearpower ripoff comic, but it was pretty orginal at least the makeres of this didn't steal anyjokes from Nuklearpower. Although I could of sworn I saw some jokes stolen from bobandgeroge, but all's I have to say is if you like Nuklearpower you may like this. it's not that I thougth this was bad it just wasn't that good. I mean we've seen all these jokes before.


as i said above

not bad but not great

one thing i loved about the movie, was that every character had a voice. i hate when u hav to read all the words and imagine the voices. wat was bad, was it wasnt that funny(xcept how they were late cause of traffic). keep making animations and they will get better and better. i luv the sprite characters. u, just didnt make it as funny. keep on trying!;)


ah this movie wasnt funny to me at all. after a little while i lost interest and it was hard to pay attention.