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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Redux"


Heehee, that was great. One of the better Final Fantasy parodies on the net (Save for 8-bit theater)!
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Quick note to BlackCore99:
The Lute isn't useful until the near the VERY end of the game. Before and after that, well...


I just got FF 1 and that has to be the funniest thing i have ever seen man. And i have no idea what the hell to do with the stupid lute either.


no comment

Another Final Fantasy parody that rocks.

I've watched many of your films, and I must say, this is definitely worthy of having been produced by Dungeon Studios. I never played through the original Final Fantasy, but having read a certain list of RPG cliches, I knew how funny it was. Kudos to another great film!

oh my god

i luv this game and movie i give thanks to u fdor being able to m ake this and lucien dodge for doing thief and black mages voice bcuz those r the ones mosst ppl cant make them sound very good but anyway i luv this us hould make a bunch of ff spoofs