Reviews for "Maximum Ninja - 3"


Ive always been a big fan of the madness series myself so of course likeing the ninja version is a given. Yes some may say that its a copy of the bunny kill series but who cares. They're both full to the brim with random acts of violence WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED MAN!!!...


Reaally goood

the best flash movie i ever seen nice ninja action

seriously the best flash i ever seen nice ninja killing action nice the author sould get a movie deal seriously man.

1 of the best

best flash ever i repeat best flash ever fab story if ya read the charactor biography's it just so good i give it 10 otta 10 its weird the way he gets superpowers lol

This one is awesome!

I love the Madness series. And this one about the Maximum Ninja is great! I can't wait for MN4.