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Reviews for "Maximum Ninja - 3"

Origional duplicated combat

(I accidentaly posted this review to the latest official madness cartoon... i feel like a right fucking n00b as i cant delete the other one...fuck it).....

Hey, although being a new member, i have watched a fuck load of
flashes before actualy joinging up, but this is my first review,
and i signed up BECAUSE i wanted to review this so badly,
and yeah i agree with alot of people that this very closley compares
to krinkles work, not just that its a 'madness' parody, but the way
in which you animate your work, i think its very good, if you ever
get round to reading this, i hope your glad you have another fan,
and all the best
luck with the next cartoon!


Hey!! This was the best video yet!! When are you gonna make MAXIMUM NINJA 4!!! I NEED TO SEE IT!! ALL I DO ALL DAY IS WATCH MAXIMUM NINJA 1, 2, and 3!!! THESE ARE GREAT VIDEOS BUT I NEED TO SEE NUMBER 4!!! SO BADLY!!! 5/5

Teh Ninja is back n00bz

Dude i gotta say, this is one of the best flash animations i have ever seen. I swear it is starting to rival madness combat for my top flash movie ...... ever!. Guns+Ninja+Steve+Zombies= Awesome. Keep up the good work

This series is a chip of the old block(madness)lol

The graphics are very like krinkle's and has all the things needed for a great flash :D,this series has a promising future.
ps: ninjas rock


this was awsome but lacked sound when he stuck the sword trhoo that gis stomac hit him made the sound be4 he hit him with the gun.