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Reviews for "Maximum Ninja - 3"


Not only the animation but also the music n stuff
Give ya little hint :p to make the scenes a little cooler try something we europeans call "Breakcore" aas music :) Gives the extra rush :D
Give us the next ep. we beg of you :o

First Madness and now Max Ninja this series rocks

please more madness as well that was a lush series.

this flash got frontpagewritten all over it

by the way im feeling thirsty i think im gonna grab a can of shit ha ha ha

This is some pretty sick stuff!

This has to be one of the greatest flash vids i have ever seen.I enjoyed all the violence and that hint of humor. Great job!

its really good but krinkels still takes the cake

its really really good i will admit but its krinkels style. really original story but why didn't u come up with orginal animation. to all u guys bagging the ninja aspect....u fucks. ninja's did u guns they wheren't dumb u think they'd try to fight guys with guns with bows and arrows. to the guy that looked up ninja's on dictionary .com do u really think an american site would know any thing about an anciet japanes art..ass.