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Reviews for "Maximum Ninja - 3"

Dude!!!! FIIING A!!!!

DUDE THAT WAS AWESOME!!! We all know you are making more but you should consider jesus interupting the whole thing and killing them all then the ninja and steve team up to kill jesus and his horde of zombies. Now that would be freakin awesome. Neways nice animation and concept way more guns and concept of the madness characters! Did you get the spine rip from Mortal Kombat?
Wat left me hanging was the ending. As you said again, mn4 will be long ways away for now. It's good to take a break from all that blood for once in a while. I've watched this submission and the other maximum ninjas about 5 million times!!! Neways nice movie and hope mn4 comes soon.

P.s. Where do all you animators out there get all ur KICK-ASS soundeffects they pwn!!!

NICE! but...

the link to the song.... i dont know what chesyleriaso's name is:P

anyway nice flash!!!!!

Awsome!!!!! total Pwnage

haha i loved this one a beautiful piece of flash no doubt, ahah i loved the pwnd victim :D

This is the best episode of madnes i've seen.

This, amoung all the episode's of madness i've seen, is the best by far. The fact that theres blood and passion, you know when his friedn get killed,0 And best of all madness! Anyways This episodes is awsome but i wished you wouldn't of: TO BE CONTIUED THE EPISODE YOU TWO TIMIN' BASTERDS! Oh well that what those flashes are made for. Anyways it's the best episode of all time that i've seen so-
Overall: 10!


okay normally when you make a tribute to something its not as good as the thing your tributing to true krinkels is amazing but you are fucking god like that was the best madness art i have ever seen if i was krinkles i would fear for my job for that was simply amazing and if you dont make an interactive version of this maddness version(lol) i will be forced to cry my self to sleep everynight