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Reviews for "Fett's Vette"

i love tthis song

dude great job.this is my fav song i always listen to it its the friggen best i hope the full version kicks ass as much as the one u made here

Jordanog responds:

yeah, this song is great

Dude . .. . . . . .

man that movie is some trippy shit!! man Fett is GANGSTA!!! lol

Jordanog responds:

haha, everyone needs to watch my movies on shrooms from now on

That Shit Was TIIIGHTTTT!!!!!!!!

i enjoyed that Boba Fett Is a Real Gangsta Maybe he should Join 50 cet And GGGGG-UNIT lol, seriously Great Fucking Job Man

Jordanog responds:

haha thanks dude

Very cacthy song.

The graphics where good and i enjoyed the song. i thought the song felt a little empty, and it was soft. But besides that it was good.


It's always great to get the MC's name out there. Just for reference, there really was a class of warship in the Star Wars mythos called a Corvette... But I digress. Great job man! Keep it up! You should do an animation for "The Tussin"!!!