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Reviews for "Fett's Vette"

Very cacthy song.

The graphics where good and i enjoyed the song. i thought the song felt a little empty, and it was soft. But besides that it was good.

very good

very good but it cant just cut out man come out with the full and it will b a 10 outta 10 man


It's always great to get the MC's name out there. Just for reference, there really was a class of warship in the Star Wars mythos called a Corvette... But I digress. Great job man! Keep it up! You should do an animation for "The Tussin"!!!


Why Does He SOund Like A Girl?

Jordanog responds:

Fuck you! MC Chris rocks. Thanks for the 8, though...

just so everybody that des not know

its a song by mc chris and hes the best rapper EVER

Jordanog responds:

Yeah, a lot of people didn't read the description and thought it was me or something.