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Reviews for "Fett's Vette"

Great Work

I love that song. It would have been great to see the entire song done up.

Jordanog responds:

in due time, man

Also know as Hesh from Sealeab

I thought it was pretty good. I like that you've got the lyrics cause I never could understand half the words. I'm very disappointed that with all the artwork you put into this that you didn't do the entire song. Shame on you. You made something perfect into a half-assed attempt. I'll still give you cred though

Jordanog responds:

the song is long, man

pretty good

not bad could've added a little more though.

Jordanog responds:

Yeah...say aren't you the numa numa guy? Just a fan?


irealy like this but its short


I didn't know boba fett liked corvettes, learn something new everyday lol