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Reviews for "Fett's Vette"

damn! pretty good!

it was pretty good! i liked it. could use improvement but so far its good! keep it up!

Jordanog responds:

sweet. thanks for the positive review

w00t for the music!

Mc Chris! w00t! man, that was a funny movie....lol, I laughed almost the whole way through it....omg, part 2!! PART 2!!! 2 thumbs up d('_'d) he he

Jordanog responds:

heh. I guess I'll make part 2 for the positive reviewers. It'll be a long time though.


star wars movie about fett and his vette. But it's not even a vette... that car is the back to the future car. But I like how there is a rap and a bunch of star wars characters. nice stuff. nice graphics.

Jordanog responds:

the back to the future car was in like the first 5 seconds of the movie. the vette is at the end

This is very nice man.

Sorry I havn't been able to comment on this flash but I havn't been on newgrounds lately. Anyways though I see it got into the Star Wars collection thats realy cool. Anyways though this flash is very funny and it's very catchy. Nice job again.

nice one

a little short, but damn that was a slick animation.
great work.

Jordanog responds:

Slick, eh? Awesome! thanks