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Reviews for "Fett's Vette"

i love tthis song

dude great job.this is my fav song i always listen to it its the friggen best i hope the full version kicks ass as much as the one u made here

Jordanog responds:

yeah, this song is great


Man this is awesome, It's well animated and the sounds and backgrounds are good too. It's a shame that the movie cuts off where it does, it could be so much better.

All in all a great movie, 10 / 10.

Jordanog responds:

sweetness! thanks

Nice job, Bravo *Claps*

thank you for bringing this movie into my life! Im soo bored right now and that movie made me think..... i like star wars and i like flash mabey i can try a flash and get off my ass, bravo. Star Wars gangsta rap has some compition. (i cant spell =D)

Jordanog responds:

Yeah, you should definitely try flash. It really fills spaces of boredom. Also, you get the full NG experience.


i crnt wait till u make the one with the full song this is so good brillant keep it up man


dude this was so awsome you have got to bring out the full version