Reviews for "Orbit"

Great game - and level 9 is NOT impossible

This game is awesome. And to whoever said level 9 is impossible, its not, I've beaten 9 AND 10 (but not 11 yet). Some configurations are impossible, though, if you get one that seems to hard click 'reconfigure planets' or whatever the button is called in the menu at the bottom. Other than that, you just have to keep trying. Its a really addicting game XD

skip level 2

In level 1 (yeah levels are random bla bla bla) there is only 1 planet if you aim it right it will revolve around til the orange bar is gone

very nice

loved it! and just to everyone who says bla bla level was hard and bla bla level was easy, you DO realize that the levels are automatically generated and your level 6 is different from everyone else's right?

nice way to kill time

it was alright.
not much skill involved in the game though.
and 6th level is easy, the 9th is impossible.


its good up to the 6th lvl then its impossible