Reviews for "Orbit"

Great Game

I could sit at my computer for hours, flinging that comet around the planets. It's great fun, and somewhat mindless if you want to take your brain away from things for a few minutes.

Good game!

i liked the idea of custom, so i made my level, it was very easy =) lol i liked this game


i love it, its like im seeing candy on screen, only thing though i cant seem to get out of custom game so that i can ether go back to the game or make another custom game


Damn! This game is so good and addicting but soooooooo frustrateing some of the time!!! 10/10, 5/5, R0xorZ/R0xorZ (good game).

Fun for a while.

I liked this game, it is very clever but i got kindda frustrated by the 5th lvl cause no mater where i put my metor it would hit a planet. Mabey add some over the top explosions, but overall a very solid game.