Reviews for "Orbit"

uh ok then

i dont like the game much

Way to go!

I got to level 11 and still going, I made a perfect orbit by placing the planet in the middle and launching it. Thank you for a great game!


cool but boring

i liked this game spent ages just trying to get to the next level n varrin7 go to level editor n put one in the centre n u can go round it continuously or put two n it makes a figure of eight :):)

free fall anyone?

anyone been able to get a perfect, continuous orbit?

Gravity should be relative to the object's size

Stay awake in science class and you will reaize that gravity is relative to the size of the object. For example, the acceleration due to gravity on earth is about 9.8 meters per second per second. On the moon, an object that is much smaller than the earth, the gravity is about 1/3 of that on earth.

Larger objects have greater gravity, such as Jupiter or the Sun, and yet the earth does not fall into them.