Reviews for "Orbit"

Wow, w00t, etc. Plus game help!

I am on level 11 right now and i know it can be hard at times, but you can "rearrange" the planets. If yer stuck on a certain level, rearrange and try that. I did, helped me get past level 10 lol. It seems to be randomly generated, so yah.

BUT Real review-ness: I like this game, a lot. one big reason i like it is because there IS no soundtrack and the only noises it makes are the comet wooooshing noise, which is cool. Oh and the runnning into planet noise. I don't think it'd be as good if it was anything more than what it is--just a nice simple design, love it!!!

Good game!

It was a fun and addictive game!
I got to lvl 9 , my comet couldn't survive!

An addictive puzzle that'll keep you plaing!

This addictive puzzle will get you trying to figure out how to use the planets to direct your comet. There weren't enough sound effects for me but I liked the game overall. I couldn't get passed level 6, how far can you get? Check it out now, it's a must play!


then yawn

It was alright...

Good, but not Very Good. Maybe a few more features, better looking comets and planets, background music, and a bigger map. Release a sequel using these suggestions, and you might get some better votes.