Reviews for "Orbit"


i got to level 10 and quit but it was awesome

great game

this game is awesome!

Awesome programming

Please send me an .fla on how to save and load like this!
I' totally stuck making flash games without that script!!!

I thought,though the programming is very advanced and the
concept is fairly original that overall it was good,but the
graphics we're one color of planet,one color of a comet...
sorta bland,the sound...meh it could've had some ambiotic
music that could be switched off if you didn't want it.No
humor,and violence 5 for the crashing into the planets.

finally a good puzzle game!

extremly good, the only problem is that i found a glitch on lvl 3 lol


This game is pretty neat, never played anything like it before.

It's fun to make your own custom levels. Try making one so the comet circles around a single planet until the time is up, lol, it's kinda cool. =P