Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

the idea was ok i guess, but the game sucked

It was just so repetitive and took absolutely no skill because all it is, is turn shoot repeat. If you made it more like a metal slug game/resident evil, it would be better( an adventure/action game )
Also, dont make the enemies take so long to die, its just gay.

woulda been better

i mean they spawn right under you thats really the main problem make it so u can upgrade how meany lives u can get

GREAT bace

the graphics are great, but the gameplay is kinda boring... if you give it real long stages it will RULL

Very enjoyable...

Simple and satisfying, a good play. I think being able to move and shoot at the same time would be a welcome change however.

Zombie games are definitely the best.

Good ^_^

Cool game, but there is some bugs.. they spawn right under you :(
But still good :)

Nashkel responds:

It's not a bug... It's a feature ^^

I just had to reply like that