Reviews for "Zombie Survival"


Wow, that was amazing, whoever made this, thumbs up to you man. that is sooo cool ^.^

Great fun

I was very impressed with this game. I like zombie-related stuff, and this game was a lot of fun. Great job!

Good game, but...

Right, liked it but I think upgrades should be clearer, more health needed (one of those goblin zombies popped up next to me and I never got chance to run, just took out all my health) and perhaps obstacles eg. ladders, rocks to hide behind etc. But overall, a good piece of work.

pretty cool

pretty decent, i got to the level after where it called me 'truely skilled'
even though i doubt thats true...

Ok I liked it but

Thw whole zombies popping out of the ground right where I was standing was really annoying, I would get killed that way because I couldn't get away when the zombie did that.