Reviews for "Zombie Survival"


look man i dont trust clowns ok? anyways that was really good because i really like sprite movies! and it was cool! i cant wait to see your future submissions!

Sorry, but no

Ok so its just a bad rip of Metal Slug. Why would i waste my time on this when i could just play the real thing. All the graphics are cut and paste jobs the sounds aswell. The whole game consists of face left fire, face right fire so it gets old real fast. Well done for putting it together nicely but nextime do something original with your own material.


This game kicks ass, its really enjoyable and has already stolen hours of my life. Its a great piece and I hope you keep up this kind of work. Really cool.

A great metal slug/zombie flash game

Very well presented and brillant graphics, i love these type of games. Please make another.

Awesome zombie game!

This is the only game ive played that makes you fell like you're surrounded by the living dead! Nice job, keep up the good work!