Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

It was okay

To me, the character you control seemed like a remade model for another game, possibly Metal Slug, though I'm not too sure about the zombies. Also, I know for a fact you took sound bites of the zombies from Diablo 2 to make the sounds for the zombies in this game, and you gave to credit to Blizzard, thus the reason for my lowered score. If you can prove that those sounds were from somewhere else, fine, but I'm still sticking with my original assessment.

it was ok

it was good but you shold work mroe on the heath system

Needs work.

Zombies shouldn't be able to spawn where you're standing, you should be able to move past them when you kill them, and needs some better music.

But I enjoyed it after 3 trys then gave up becuase it's to hard.

Very Good Man, I loved it!

Very good man, I must say, I loved it. It was what RE would be if it was 2D. Its already going into my favorites, but I would've liked to have more room to move or a jump button. Very good dude, keep it up

A good idea, mixed with good music

voted 3, needs more work, but a good idea, yes