Reviews for "Zombie Survival"


pretty good i survived for about 5 or 6 levels and benx112 thare are different zombies you just gotta get to higher levels. but anyway good awsome game but you could add different guns


as soon as the game started a zombie appeared right where u start and killed me and i didnt even get a chance to move

pretty fun

i liked it .

Its alright...

Tis alright but I like Zombie Survival: SM better.

I agree with Nekoheehee...

It was pretty annoying when you spawned on a zombie or vice-versa. But still, I think that other than that, there were a few more options that you could've added.
.Different zombies
.move and shoot
.different gun types
.have something happen when you lose a life.
.make the killing of a zombie more realistic. (Bullet wounds, dripping blood, etc.)
.make more advanced level-ups
.make different speeds of zombie.

that's about all I can think of. Try to add at least a couple of those in the next game, 'k?