Reviews for "Zombie Survival"


That was fuckin awesome. There's nothing I love more than gunning down hordes of flesh hungry zombies.

Another great zombie survival!

Great! Zombie Survival and Zombie Survival-SM are greatest work of 2D horror survival games classics! I want to learn to make these, too! ;)

Fun and addictive

Damn this game pisses me off. I feel like i should keep playing it and then when i get to the higher levels and there are like 20 zombies at once and i shoot a grenade another spawns under me while im reloading after the grenade and he drains all my HP and i die instantly. Thats the worst part of this game, theres no chance to get away once your hit. Anyone who likes this should play ZombieSlayer:SM.

i could play it all day

one suggestion, could it b possible to buy more heart counters? i think that would make it really good because i run outta upgrades. other than that absolutely excellent, as i said i could play it all day, if i didn't have chores to do.

A Resident Evil pitch to it, eh?

I can tell this is a rip off of Resident evil, how often do most games start off having zombies involved? Not to be rude. in fact I LOVE Resident Evil!! Its not bad at all. Not only that i notice its a rip off. (...or atleast i'm believed that it is.) The music in this game ...IS FROM RESIDENT EVIL 2! /\_/\ i can tell.

Nashkel responds:

Okay, good for you... I don't really give a damn.