Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

Really good job

i found this game reminding me of a horror form of metal slug. Great job creating the old graphics style and i love the zombie designs! I like how the docter zombies die lol.


really entertaining game cool blood. the only thing i could say is make the zombies slower. thanks.


Nice game

It was quite fun to play and i enjoyed it lots but The sounds got annoying. It was also a little boring with the same limitations with the weapon. A really great thing to do would be make another weapon or two then it would Make it more fun to carry on playing. either way i liked the graphics and different bad guys

Good for a few tries.

Graphics were nice, very ermm omg ive forgotten the name of that game!!!! metal slug i think. The sound was abit repetetive, but alright overall. nice bit of gore. Could have had better upgrades, not just upgrade gun and buy more 'nades and health. overall a pretty good game to make time pass :-)

Gotta love zombies

Theres nothing quite like a good zombie splattering game. And that was one of the better ones ive seen. It was made of fucking win in fact. A few suggestions, pehaps the ability to buy more life containers and a limit on the amount of grenades you can have.