Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

Zombies are cool...

only when you have a fully loaded semi and with a grenade laucher with...good game really nice

really good

and really addictive as well.
I saving this one under favorites.

Still is Hard as heck

Seems to me that the zombies are weaker but their are more of them this game is very hard I got to the part were the mummies come out and I had a ton of grenades. It was fun and addictive

The best zombie game online period.

Nice game with very gruesome sprites.
The game itself is pretty basic and straightfoward yet
highly addictive... Is there even an end to the madness?!

Great, except for one thing.

Really liked it. The only bad thing was that sometimes the zombies would pop up from right under you just as you had fired a shotgun blast, allowing it a cheap hit. Maybe allow your main weapon to go a notch more powerful, too. I reached the limit after only a few levels.
Good job, though.