Reviews for "Zombie Survival"

This game is magnificent! One problem. Only one. Zombies often rise right under you, there is no health damage evasion of that at all, it's absolute luck. Making a shadow a sec before a zombie appears at the spot or making them harmless while they rise and half a sec after that would make this perfect and possible to complete

the shotgun itz uzelezz

i shot the zombies with the shotgun for ever they dont take damage 87% of the time

it was good but not great

Fix the hp and it'll be better.

almost there...

Ok game but I can't help but feel there is something missing, like more weapons or different maps. Also, I started a level and died immediately with full health because of the spawn points. Other than that fine.

Meh was fun.

It would've been better if you added a fair spawn point for zombies, that wont spawn right on you....