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Reviews for "Lilium"


Congragulations on creating an absolute masterpiece... The graphics, sound and storyline were all sensational.. Of course, this has already been proven by the huge response this film has received!

For a first entry, this film shows some real talent... As I said before, the graphics are excellent and the song choice is astonishingly perfect.. Personally, I found that I had to watch the movie a few times in order to fully absorb and understand the storyline, but in a general sense the movie is easy to comprehend and carries a very important moral to it...

The film is a sad film, yes, but it does clearly demonstrate the consequences of deception... Lilium, to me, is a very interesting character in that she tends to demonstrate exactly how vunerable a young child can be when approached by a complete stranger.. This is an extreme example of this reality - I don't deny that - but it's an example that has been expressed both vividly and accurately by the author...

Once again, congragulations on creating an absolute masterpiece that I (and many others, I'm sure) will continue to enjoy for many years to come. I'm looking forward to seeing some more work of this type from you! Well done!

Excelt graphics+

I really liked the animation,
the ending was ... fitting, mustn't spoil, this is a "must watch" flash

good by for ever shadow says the Unknown Eternal fox

I liked this. rarely do you find a dark story that feels cheerful (maybe that is just me). I enjoyed this and I think I will enjoy your other work as well.

....wow this is so heart touching and yet alswo odd but the music is quite soothing and i enjoyed it quite a bit