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Reviews for "Lilium"


yay that was fun me be happy but it would be better if she had to eat the baby i likes eating babys

keep it up you doom us all YAY!!!!!!!


that is the most darkest thing i have ever seen i love it! the disturbingness and the music enthraled me

Wah... I kind of liked the old version better :C

I've been a Lilium fan for a while now, but this is my first review of it *sweat* Anyway, I just wanted to say that I sort of prefer the old version to the new one. Even though it was messier, I rather liked the choppiness of the song and the quaint (but slight!) grammar errors. I also don't really like the part in the middle that suddenly changes now. However, I understand an artist's need to improve. Does the old version still exist anywhere? Oh well.

Amazing ...

The art work and story line were both great ... I loved how morbid it was .. I can't wait to see the next part to this ... Good job and good luck ...

great work

i love this it's great and very well done