Reviews for "Lilium"

A fetal present for a hulking menace.

Wonderfully brilliant. Beautiful.

Whoa...that's some deep stuff.

My friend recently showed me Elfin Lied, and I KNEW I heard the song Lilium before! Let me say, you have GREAT taste in music and know how to utilize it!

Great art, haunting music that goes with the art, sad story...You did a great job on this one. Something about it sort of...draws me in...

Thought I'd give people a translation...

The words in latin are:

Os iusti metitabitur sapientiam,
Et lingua eius loquetur iudicium.
Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem.
Quoniam cum probatus fuerit,
Accipiet coronam viate.

Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison.

Oh quam sancta,
quam serena.
Quam benigna.
Quam amoena.
Oh castitatis lilium.

The song loops a couple points and cuts out a midsection, but I've included all the lyrics that were sung.

Now, the verses up above roughly translate to the following in english.

The mouth of the just shall radiate wisdom,
and his tongue shall speak judgement.
Blessed is the man who endures temptation.
For, once he has been tried,
he shall receive the crown of life.

Oh lord, oh holy fire, have mercy.

Oh how sacred,
how serene.
How benevolent.
How lovely.
Oh, lily of purity.

good job...

I really liked this flash because it isn't just full of pointless violence, there's a story to it. A few suggestions I have for the next one are:

1. Her past isn't explained. Maybe you can write a little story on the pre-loader on the next one about what happened before her meeting with the shadow. Or you could maybe even make the next part about her past.

2. a pause and play button would be nice for the text part.

3. about the music. You could cut it at little pauses where the singer/s take a breath, then play it from the beggining. It all matters what song you take.

4. I really liked the slideshow-text thing. I think that if the next part was like this too, It would be really magnificent.

That's all from me.


That was really fuckin creative. good job!