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Reviews for "Lilium"


*Clap* this is wonderful. The song and animations tie in wonderfuly together. I can't wait to see more of your works. For a first time job this is incredable. I wish you the best of luck with your next creation.

Absolutely astounding.

wow. I never thought i'd see such a well done short flash video. the music fits the dark atmosphere of this flash, and the artwork is fantastic. I look forward to seeing more flash from you. keep up the good work.

Oh, Mister Greneby. I bask in your glory.

Oh, Mister Greneby. I bask in your glory. I sincerely hope that you work on another story for your RPG character. Lilium's story, no, this part of Lilium's story, is beautiful. Please, I beg you - Write more poetry. I love it. It's so dark yet elegant, and I wish so deeply that I could write like you. For your first attempt at flash, I am astonished, so astonished.
On a more informal note, I want to have Lilium's babies.


You cant write a sequel to this.
It's perfect the way this already is, and the sequel will just ruin it.
You will ruin....You'll ruin the PERFECTION AND THE MYSTERY.

Broken, but absolutely great!

Although this movie is unfortunately broken, and cannot be viewed anymore, I have watched it before, and I think it's absolutely breathtaking! :) The music fits in so well, and I love your drawing style.