Reviews for "Beat up Backstreet Boys!"

Hah, awesome

I remember playing this waaay back in 99. Thats how long i've been visiting NG. Awesome work, for its time lol, Any news on a sequel to Alien Hominid?? I bought the original and its really good. By the way, i dont know if you watch tech tv but on some techtv show they said that Newgrounds was one of the websites of the day. I love this site, great work, keep it up.

Plain OK

Well, I have grat respect for your work and for many of your games...
But this one was definately just plain vanilla

So Kick ASS

Ive never played such a cool game ever. This is the best thing on Newgrounds since 2001.


its so great to see a lot of the original games from Newgrounds coming onto the flash portal. better late than never. this one was always one of my favorites when i first saw newgrounds back in early 2000. now, i hope to see the kill N'Snyc game you made on here too.

More classic NG stuff

Good to see the old assassin movies finally being entered into the Portal. A quick bit of fun.