Reviews for "Beat up Backstreet Boys!"

Didn't like it

The graphics were just bad quality images
There was really hardly any style to it, and it wasn't unqiue
Sound wasn't bad
Violence bit lame, poor photoshop effects and gradients to resemble violence
Interactivity, good, but still not great, just clicking a face using Flash buttons
Humour, got bored after the first face
Overall it's not very good, and to be honest I see stuff with more effort put into it that get's blammed... not as good as your other stuff Tom Fulp.

mmmmm not the best game

by gooly no but it is ok 2/5

Good, but shit.

Only points go to being able to see their faces bloody and red.


wow i hated this almost as much as i hate BSB. dont bother working on it, just act like u nvr even made it!

my i god i thought thay was dead

fook me the backstreet boys am they still around